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The food we consume play a big part in how healthy our nails look.

If you desire to be as feminine as possible, you'll have to have healthy nails as this is one physical aspect of projecting yourself as a lady. Healthy nails show confidence in oneself and a healthy attitude.

Let's begin with the basic food groups. Dairy products, seafood,vegetables, fruits. Anyone of these or all of them included in our daily diet will effectively benefit our nails.

Calcium is the nutrient we seek. Try dairy products, fish, egg yolk, milk, cheese and any number of fresh fish supply us with calcium, a significant vitamin in the growth and maintenance of healthy nail bed.

Iodine is also important. It is often found in shellfish. However, they contain high levels of cholesterol, so go easy on them. Iron:; foods high in this very important mineral are apricots, spinach, grapes and green vegetables.

Vitamin A-watercress, dandelion, carrots, tomatoes, apricots, melons and wheat germs.

Vitamin C- tomatoes, lemons,oranges,grapes and cabbage

Vitamin D- Fish, liver and mushrooms.

These are just some examples of what we need to enjoy healthy and attractive nails.

Remember that the building blocks of strong , beautiful and healthy nails come from our diet.


Nail Care for the Sophisticated Lady!