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Maintenance Of Your Nail Enhancements.

Visiting your nail technician for regular maintenance of your nail enhancements will keep them looking fresh and natural. If you delay with your regular maintenance, the enhancements will lift and start to crack inviting moisture and dirt to become trapped under the nail enhancement where a bacterial infection can start to grow.Cuticle Oil is to be used everyday.Book your appointment every two weeks.


How To Care For Your Nails

1) When opening packages  or containers of any type, avoid using your own nails, use the ball or pad of your fingers.

2) When working in the home or garden, rubber gloves will protect and prolong the life of your nails.

3) Use a pencil or the knuckle part of your fingers when using the phone or ATM.

4) Open soda cans with a knive.

5) To remove polish from your nails use a NON-ACETONE remover because acetone will dissolve the acrylics.

6) Avoid harsh chemicals , these will most definitely lift your nails .It is essential that you wear rubber gloves to protect your hands and nails.

7) Our nails are jewels not tools, like all things precious we need to look after them.


Nail Care for the Sophisticated Lady!